ELEGOO Neptune 3 Max 3D Yazıcı
ELEGOO Neptune 3 Max 3D Yazıcı
ELEGOO Neptune 3 Max 3D Yazıcı
ELEGOO Neptune 3 Max 3D Yazıcı
ELEGOO Neptune 3 Max 3D Yazıcı

ELEGOO Neptune 3 Max 3D Yazıcı (EL-3D-N3M)

Marka : ELEGOO
Fiyat : €730,13
KDV Dahil : €730,13




ELEGOO Neptune 3 Max 3D Yazıcı


  • [Dual-Gear Direct Extruder] The dual-gear direct drive extruder with gears made of SUS303 stainless steel features adjustable extrusion force and a 3:1 reduction ratio, which ensures smoother filament feeding and stable & accurate printing, greatly reducing nozzle clogging and gear jumping problems. Ideal for printing PLA, PETG, ABS, and flexible filaments such as TPU.
  • [Massive Print Volume] With the largest ever build volume of 420x420x500 mm / 16.53x16.53x19.68 inches, ELEGOO Neptune 3 Max gives you generous printing space to let your creativity run wild, whether for printing larger models, or printing in batches.
  • [Auto Bed Leveling + Auxiliary Leveling] The non-contact high precision sensor automatically scans 63 points of the hotbed to compensate for any unevenness and inconsistencies of the printing platform. You can also use the hand-twist knobs under the build platform for auxiliary leveling to achieve a nice first layer.
  • [Stable & Quiet Printing] The Z-axis is designed with dual lead screws and dual-motor drive for more stable and precise movement of the print head, and the double tie rod structure enhances the stability of the Z-axis gantry.
  • [Silent Motherboard] With an STM 32-bit silent motherboard, the X/Y/Z/E axes are all driven by high-precision stepper motors to effectively reduce the printing noise under 50 dB.
  • [PEI Magnetic Platform] PEI magnetic platform with a special coating and spring steel sheet for strong adhesion and anti-warping, so you can easily remove or eject the print models by slightly bending the print steel sheet. The 420W high-power hotbed can quickly heat up to 100°C.
  • [Removable Capacitive Touchscreen] The 4.3-inch removable magnetic capacitive touch screen can be operated by hand-held or fixed on the base, with a print model preview function to preview the model image during printing and observe the printing progress, support multi-language freely switch. There also comes with a drawer tool box on the machine base to store tools used by the printer such as Allen wrench and nozzle accessories.


ELEGOO Neptune 3 Max FDM 3D Printer with Auto Bed Leveling, Dual-Gear Direct Extruder, Ultra-Quiet Printing, Dual Lead Screw Drive, Massive Printing Size 420x420x500mm /16.53x16.53x19.68 Inches

Neptune 3 Plus Neptune 3 Plus

One-button Auto Bed Leveling

The 63-point leveling system adopts a non-contact sensor to automatically calibrate and compensate for any inconsistencies or unevenness. No more tedious leveling operations of the printing platform. Simply click the button on the screen to start the automatic leveling job! There are hand-leveling knobs under the hotbed to fine-turn the build platform for a better compensation effect and final print quality.

Neptune 3 Plus Neptune 3 Plus

Potent Extrusion & Efficient Heat Dissipation

The dual-gear direct extruder has powerful and adjustable extrusion force and better grip on the filament, paired with titanium alloy throat pipe to achieve a smooth & even filament feeding. Widened aluminum heat sink and efficient front cooling fan for faster heat dissipation of the throat pipe, thus reducing nozzle clogging risk. Fans on both sides of the print head ensure omnidirectional and rapid cooling of printed layers for better overhangs and bridges printing results.

Neptune 3 Plus Neptune 3 Plus Neptune 3 Plus Neptune 3 Plus

Print Quietly and Safely

STM 32-bit motherboard with silent drivers and a more reasonable nozzle heat dissipation structure reduce the noise to below 50db. POM V-slot wheels feature ultra-quietly, wear resistance, and high precision movement. The 500W wide-voltage power supply does not need to be adjusted and can be automatically switched according to the input voltage to ensure printing safety.

Neptune 3 Plus Neptune 3 Plus

Smart Resume Printing

No more worry about unexpected power failure during printing since the printer can resume printing after the power supply is restored. With a filament detection sensor, whenever the filament runs out or breaks, the printer will pause and alarm until you load new filament to avoid material waste and model scrapping.

Neptune 3 Plus Neptune 3 Plus

Enhanced Stability Structure

Z-axis dual lead screw+Z-axis dual-motor design with better synchronization increases the printing accuracy and stability, while the double tie rod structure enhances the stability of the Z-axis gantry. The knob-type XY-axis belt tensioner is easier to adjust belt tightness. Widened Y-axis profiles are driven by 6V wheels and work with the imported high-quality synchronous belt for a more stable printing platform.

Neptune 3 Plus Neptune 3 Plus

More Practical Features

The LED light strip on the gantry can be operated by the button on the screen to conveniently observe the model printing in a dim environment. After printing, all fans will automatically stop working to save power, reduce noise, and prolong the fan lifespan. The 420W hot bed can be quickly heated up to 100°C to meet the temperature requirements of different filaments. The drawer toolbox on the machine base is a perfect place to store tools used in the printer.

Neptune 3 Plus Neptune 3 Plus Neptune 3 Plus Neptune 3 Plus Neptune 3 Plus Neptune 3 Plus Neptune 3 Plus Neptune 3 Plus
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