Porima HIPS® Support Filament
Porima HIPS® Support Filament
Porima HIPS® Support Filament

Porima HIPS® Support Filament (PFHIPSNN1751KG)

Brand : porima
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Porima HIPS® Support Filament

Porima HIPS® Support Filaments are an excellent support material for ABS and ASA filaments thanks to their dissolubility. In addition, it has a matte appearance and a structure that almost invisible layers in HIPS prints. It can be used in all printers thanks to its easy use and moisture-proof features.

Porima HIPS® Support Filament
Extruder Temperature

Extruder Temperature


Does not require special "Hot-end"

Bed Temperature

Bed Temperature


High temperature is preferred


Nozzle Specs

0,4 mm nozzle

Standard brass can be preferred


Cooling Specs

Fan Speed: 100%

Cooling fan required


Drying Specs

Not required

Does not absorb moisture

Heated Chamber

Heated Chamber

Suitable for open printers,

Does not require a closed or heated chamber

Porima HIPS® Filament

Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Strong support material
  • Does not absorb moisture, does not require drying
  • Completely soluble with D-Limonene
  • Easily separated from prints
  • Works perfectly with ABS and ASA filaments
  • It has a matte appearance
  • Food compatible and recyclable
  • Compatibility with all printers

Porima HIPS® Usage Details

Printing Difficulty Very easy
Temperature Resistance 85 °C
Toughness High
Warping Low
Odor Average
Print Surface Finish Easy
Dissolution Behavior Very Easy
Flexibility Low
Print Speed Fast
Detailed Print Below 0.2 mm
Nozzle Abrasion None
Support Separation Very Easy
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