Porima ColorShift® Filament
Porima ColorShift® Filament

Porima ColorShift Filament (PFABS1CS1751KG)

Brand : porima
Price : €38,00
Excl. VAT : €38,00

Porima Colorshift Filament

Porima Colorshift Filaments are filaments produced during the transition from one color to another while the production process continues. Products may consist of one or more than one color. Print quality and physical properties are the same as the original filaments and are more economically priced.

Porima Colorshift® Filament

Nozzle Specs

0.4mm nozzle

Standard brass can be preferred

Renk Toleransı

Color Tolerance

Batch-based stable colors

Color variation may be observed between batches.

Çap Toleransı

Çap Toleransı

±0,05 mm

Low diameter tolerance

Porima Colorshift® Filament

Physical and Chemical Properties

  • It has the same features as the original filaments
  • One or more colors
  • Translucent colors
  • High speed printing
  • Excellent surface quality
  • Compatibility with all open and/or closed cabinet printers


Images are for representation purposes only. Colors may vary in products.

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